It all started with our own gayby journey.

Our Story

Hi! I'm Dennis, the founder of Gayby. At the age of 40, I happened upon the investigative journalism series "This Is Life with Lisa Ling" which featured an episode titled "Got Sperm?". This led me down a rabbit hole where I discovered Facebook groups inhabited by thousands of women desperately looking for sperm donors.

I had always wanted to have a biological child, but never felt the desire to put in the work required to raise one myself or with a partner.

I put up a Facebook post, and within hours I shockingly had almost 60 responses from people interested in me as a "baby daddy". The most common comment: 
"We never see gay donors on here!"

I chatted with a dozen or so amazing couples and eventually settled on Melissa & Lorna.

We spent time together, got to know each other, and decided that at the ages of 40 and 38 we didn't want to waste any time and were ready to go for it.

After 9 months trying to get pregnant, we have a baby due September 2024! 

Although I've been working on creating this platform for over a year, I didn't want to promote it until it was safe to talk about my own story and could be my own "proof-of-concept" for the overall vision of Gayby.

You can watch a little video of our story here:

Got Sperm?: Our Journey to Gayby

Not only that, but we've now come to see each other as great friends and soon-to-be family.

Throughout this journey, in chatting with dozens of gay friends, I've come to realize that many gay men are totally open to donating as long as they can get to know and be a small part of the families they are helping to create.

With the connectedness of today's world, and dating apps that help people find exactly what they are looking for, why are women still relying on the antiquated practice of going to a sperm bank and getting random sperm from a random donor who may or may not have hundreds of other children out there? (And who are these people willing to donate their sperm for a handful of dollars, not knowing where it ends up?) 

So we launched Gayby.

With the hope that someday in the future, families like ours won't be such a wild and crazy concept.

Thank you for being here. We can't wait to be a part of your adventure.

Our donor network is global and growing.

Find a match, wherever you are.

Finding a donor should be safe, enjoyable, and  stress-free

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